Information Design 2016 Portfolio Showcase


Each year the graduating class of the Mount Royal University Bachelor of Communications – Information Design program hold a feature event showcasing their portfolio work and the evolution through their studies. Every student carries with them unique skill sets in different areas of information design. Come find out what sets information designers apart from the rest.

 April 14th, 2016 at 6:00PM

Torch Motorcycles Calgary

Graduating Students

Alissa Patacic

Ayra Peredo

Ashley Hamilton

Ashleigh Smith

Barbara Medland

Bree Barber

Brittany Lahure

Chris Berg

Elliot Mah

Elyse Wittman

Glen Jeong

Isabelle Jackson

Jaclyn Brown

Jamie Anderson

Joelle Daklala

Joshua Penner

Josie Kaip

Kathryn Slack

Katie Duke

Kitty Dang

Logan Krupa

Margo Petroff

Marissa Wasilewski

Megan Miles

Micaela Lewis

Sean Doherty

Stephanie Butler

Tasnim Fellah

Taylor Dueck

Tory Laliberte

Vanessa Benavides

Guerrilla Project

The Guerrilla Information Design Team took on some design challenges in the community over the semester. Many of their tasks involved identifying information design throughout campus and educating others on its service.